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The Secret Life of Dr.Malcome Phillips

The Secret Life of Dr.Malcome Phillips

File No. 3789 - Monica Winslow

Monica Winslow pulled up to the Doctor's office in her white Mercedes convertible and noticed she was almost 5 minutes early. She could not really remember what the appointment was for, she seemed in perfect health: 26 years old, 115 lbs., red headed with great legs and full, firm breasts and married to a bank vice-president. As she walked into the office of Doctor Phillips, she was thinking: "What was I thinking about when I put on this dress? It is soooo short!, it hardly reaches past my panties! And what could have got into me for cutting up all my bras?"

Monica had cut all the cups out of her bras, so that the straps and underwires supported her full breasts but allowed her nipples to show when she wore tight blouses, exactly like the one she wore today: a sheer white, snug fitting silk blend, that allowed her nipples to be seen through the sheer cloth. Her round hips and long legs were like those seen on models for women's lingerie ads. Monica's face was the one of a movie star; a cross between Marilyn Monroe and Carmen Electra!

"And these heels make my feet hurt! Oh sure, they’re sexy and all. .but hurt! 4 inch heels must have been invented by a man that hated women and wanted to find a way to torture us!!" Monica wore black thigh-high hose with lace tops and a matching garter belt. When she walked, her short blue mini-skirt allowed anyone looking, clear views of her lacey covered thighs. She must look like a "call girl tramp”, but for some odd reason she enjoyed the extra attention she got from men and the way everyone was more friendly toward her. And the way her breasts moved! They attracted every man with a dick! Her nipples called out to them!

Doctor Phillip's nurse was a tall, bulky German woman; Greta Brewmiser. She smiled at Monica and ushered her into a small room. As she began to weigh Ms.Winslow, Greta admired the red haired woman and stared at her breasts and visible nipples under the thin cloth. As she adjusted the small weights on the scale, Greta fought back the desire to touch Monica's butt and slide her hands over the lacy thighs and down the shapely legs. Greta took Monica's blood pressure and noted it in Monica's records. She asked Monica to get undressed and to put on a white hospital gown. She helped Monica off with her things and as soon as the young red headed woman was nude, Greta helped her on with the backless, white gown. Greta admired the woman's fine, young body: the smooth, tan skin, the round firm ass and her high, full breasts. Greta ached to touch them; with their hard pink nipples erecting in the cool air of the room. She slid her hands toward the twin mounds of Monica's butt, ready to press the flesh; dreaming of plunging her fingers into the triangle of red curly hair that was inches away, when . . . . . . .

Doctor Phillips entered the observation room at this point and motioned for Greta to exit. The Doctor was a tall, dark haired man with regular features; graying at the temples and a pencil thin mustache. He wore the traditional white lab coat and a stethoscope around his neck. Under the coat, the Doctor was completely nude. Short white pant legs were strapped right below his knees, to give the effect of regular long pants, when the lab coat was closed. His cock was still soft but seeing Monica in the backless gown and knowing she was naked beneath it, brought a surge of blood to it and it began to come to attention! His balls tightened and began to throb.

The Doctor looked at Monica and said :"Rosebud.. Rosebud!". Immediately Monica's eyes glazed over and she lay back on the examining table. The Doctor dimmed the overhead lights, put on a music CD and had Nurse Greta cancel the rest of the day's appointments, if there were any. He locked the room's door and fixed his gaze upon the reclining woman and her breasts like small hills ,her long smooth legs extending out of the gown, ready for his "exam"!

The Doctor had studied Hypnotism for several years and had found that some of his female patients were very good "subjects". His method involved the injection of sodium penathol (truth serum) and his deep mellow voice. He had four young women that he arranged to show up at his office once a month. This week was set up to have Mrs. Winslow's yearly physical. He took a small hypodermic needle out of the cabinet drawer and expelled any air in it, wiped Monica's forearm with a alcohol pad and gave her 25 cc's in her left arm. The injection wold help to keep her in a more restful state and make her believe anything that took place was just a dream and did not actually happen.

"Monica. . .Monica ! You are now in a deep sleep mode..... . .you are feeling fine. . .growing very sexy! . . . desiring sex with your most loving husband! It is night in your home. . . .you are ready for bed and await your husband in your bed. He enters the bed room. . .I am your husband! You want to please me and want to do everything I suggest. . . now take off that gown and kiss me!"

The doctor had disrobed as he spoke to the woman on the observation table and Monica raised up, slipped off the gown and opened her arms to Dr.Phillips and received his warm lips on hers. Malcome Phillips thrust his tongue deep into Monica's mouth and pulled her nude body close to him. Monica's full breasts pressed into his chest, the hardness of her nipples giving him a instant erection and an exciting surge of energy. Seconds later his mouth was on her breasts; sucking and kissing each coral tip, wishing she were not so beautiful and belonging to another.

Malcom's mouth traveled lower; across Monica's flat stomach ,lower to stop over her moist vagina and his tongue probed her feminine folds to taste her love fluid that had began to seep from her. The Doctor so enjoyed making "his women" scream with joy, hearing them moan and gasp out various names as their climax's drew nearer. After several minutes passed, He thrusting into Monica; keeping time to the music in the dark- end room, she gasping and calling out :"Ooohhh YES! ,Oh YESSSSSSSS! Ohhhh My YES! ", she screamed out :"Oh Baby ! I...I'm CUMMMING ! NOW ! Oooooohh I'M CUMMMMMING RONALD !!!!!"!

Later, they sat up and the Doctor took a few photographs of Monica. He told her that the camera was an x-ray camera. That he needed several pictures of her and especially her lungs. Monica was told she was now in the Doctor's office and she had the gown back on, but she was still completely nude. Malcome allowed Nurse Greta to enter the room and she held the flash/strobe light as instructed by Dr. Phillips. Monica was positioned in several poses that showed off her full breasts and well formed body. Then the Doctor sat in a chair and had Monica placed on the floor, between his knees, her arms around his hips, her lips just touching his penis head. Greta snapped two pictures; one with Monica's lips open and barely touching and another with her mouth closed over his erection and sucking it; her red lips surrounding his hardness ,her cheeks curving inward with the suction. Doctor Phillips took several more with Greta dressed in black leather, standing over Monica who was bound and gagged !

Monica was tied tightly with small nylon cord. Her mouth full of a red ball gag; black leather straps holding her secure. She was tied to a high backed wood chair; cord binding her wrists behind her back, her ankles each tied to a chair leg. Cords ran above and below her thrusting, full breasts. Her hips and thighs were also tightly bound. Greta held a short leather flogging whip and acted like she was using it. Greta wished the Doctor was not there and that she might really be whipping the sexy woman and listening to her scream in pain and cry out for Greta to stop!

The Doctor put everything back in place: Greta dressing Monica in the clothing she had worn to the office and the Doctor bringing Monica out of the hypnotic trance. After she was allowed to wake fully and rest a bit, Monica got out her checkbook and wrote Greta a check. She felt fine and was a bit hungry. Funny, how she had this wonderful dream of her- self and her husband "making love" in a Doctor's office. All the way home she had the uneasy feeling she had forgotten something.

When she arrived home and was disrobing ,she discovered that she had not worn any panties to the Doctor's office! Or........had she?

To be continued